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Saturday Matinee Performances

A Magical Matinee at Timothy’s Pub Decades ago, bands used to dread the weekend matinee gig. Because usually it fell after several nights in the same venue, playing till the wee hours of the morning, making for a group of exhausted musicians playing for a handful of hungover patrons on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon. Matinees at Timothy’s Pub are the polar opposite of that old-school scenario! A neighbourhood meeting place, dedicated to live music, Timothy’s draws a regular crowd of Saturday and Sunday afternoon revellers who come to enjoy great pub food and some mid-day rockin’ fun – and the bands had better bring their “A” game. One regular patron told us that Saturday afternoons are no walks in the park for the performers – this a discerning crowd that expects anyone taking the stage to measure up to the high bar that owner Tim Brem has established over his years in the hospitality and entertainment business. We had an absolutely smashing afternoon! The house was full, the dance floor was hopping, and we simply could not have had more fun. We were thrilled to hear great comments from the clientele (one posted on our Facebook page the next day that “We go there all the time and EVERYONE is talking about you guys!”). And best of all, Tim is adding us to his roster of regular bands! Check our calendar for upcoming appearances at Timothy’s Pub and come have a blast with us!
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Video & photographs by: Cori E, Alberto Cruz, Steve McCartney