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Oct 15th 2022 Saturday Night Performance
Oh what a night at Timothy’s Pub
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No band is owed an audience. No venue patrons are obligated to give you their attention. These are the things that we, as performing musicians can invite and, if we deliver a worthy show, they’re things that we can earn. That has always been our mantra in the Taylor Made Band. And that’s why we were so happy about the reception we received on our return to Timothy’s Pub in Etobicoke on October 15th. Owner Tim Brem loves music, and he has a great respect for the musicians who perform in his wonderful pub. He took a chance on us on a summertime Saturday afternoon, and then invited us back. A number of his regular patrons were there to welcome our return, which was so gratifying (“We booked a table as soon as Tim told us when you were coming back!” said one one couple), while many others in the packed house were seeing us for the first time. It was such a great night! A full house for dinner, and a packed dance floor once we took the stage – to the point where the doorman had to hold people outside as capacity had been reached. We appreciated so much the effusive compliments from all who came and partied with us … and we’re so happy to be part of Timothy’s regular roster going forward into 2023! We love our west end home, and we can’t wait to see you again!