We came, We ate, We Partied! For so many decades, it was THE place to play in midtown Toronto. And it still is! Long known to so many live music fans as the Chick 'N' Deli, the music-focused house on Mt Pleasant just south of Eglinton has gone through a few incarnations in more recent years, but it's now well established as Smokeshow BBQ & Brew. Smoked ribs and brisket might be the new menu items, but the great wings are still there, and so is the emphasis on live music! Owner John Ciampini, veteran of such area landmarks as Spacco and AlleyCatz, has done a beautiful renovation of the venue while maintaining its focus on great bands, great food and great times. We had an awesome time in our debut performance at Smokeshow in September, and the response was so strong that we're on the calendar right through 2023! We're proud to call Smokeshow our midtown Toronto home!
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