Carmichael Wedding

July 16th, 2022 Pigeon Lake ON
Sometimes, everything is perfect! From the stunning setting, to the gorgeous weather, to the beautiful couple celebrating their love with family and dear friends, everything about this event was perfect! We journeyed to the Buckhorn, Ontario area in the beautiful Kawartha Lakes region to 'get the party started on a Saturday night' ... and what a party! A stunning sunset across the water gave way to starlight, and the dance floor never slowed down all night. Well, except when someone pulled a wrong plug and only Taylor's voice and Paul's guitar could carry us on for a few minutes - but the crowd sang their hearts out to help get us through, and we were back in action before the song was over with not a beat missed! "Your band made the wedding. Everyone enjoyed the music. It was fantastic," our host reported. And that means the world to us! Congratulations Maggie & Katie - we wish you every happiness and thank you again for having us as part of your beautiful celebration.
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